Water Challenges

Posted on: November 23, 2015 10:00 am

Release liner and water. Nice picture, but not always a good combination

When customers have water based coatings, they often discover a property of silicone coatings that they may not have known:  it is not waterproof. 

Sure, it seems like a silicone coating on a paper liner is waterproof when you sprinkle some water on it.  That water will bead up on the silicone coating like water on a newly waxed car.  But just watch for a little while, and you will see that water find tiny pores in that coating can wick into the paper. 

So for customers who have water-based coatings, polycoated papers or film liners are the best options. 

There are a lot of options within both categories, so we should be able to find a liner that will work for any particular situation.