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Silicone Splicing Tapes

Running release liners often requires the need to splice those liners.  This can’t be done with traditional splicing tapes since those tapes can’t stick to release liners.  We have several splicing tape options so we should have the tape to solve your processing challenge. 

Typically, we are selling 24 roll cases of 2” x 72 yard rolls of silicone adhesive splicing tape.  Blue is a favorite color, but we can also supply these tapes in red.  Other colors are possible, but we’ll ask you why you want to do that.  These tapes have a polyester backing and an aggressive silicone adhesive.  

There is a version of this tape that has a heavier version of the adhesive which helps the tape grab onto liners faster.  This tape is also 2’ x 72 yards.  It costs a little more but it is worth it if it solves a problem.  This tape is typically green. 

If you would like to do flying splices of release liners, it might make your life a lot easier to use a double sided splicing tape.  Our version of this tape does have a polyester liner that you will need to remove to expose the second side of adhesive.  This tape is normally produced in green. 

The last category of silicone splicing tapes is functional splicing tape.  This tape does not need a liner, which makes it pretty unique for a functional splicing tape, but it does have a release coating on the backing.  This release coating allows the tape to function as part of your release liner.  This tape is thinner than competitive tapes which helps it in casting operations.  This tape is normally run in red. 

Other splicing tapes that are not for release applications are available as well.