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ESA has a wide variety of options available to us for solving your liner requirement.  That means options in the type of chemistries used for coating the liner as well as options on the type of substrate that will be coated.  It also means we have the converting expertise to get you the right liner in the roll or sheet size that will allow you to be successful.  These options allow us to find the right combination that will work for your application. 

Since 1986, ESA has been solving challenges for our customers.   Finding cost-effective solutions for our wide ranging customer base is how we think ESA will stay successful for years to come.



Through experience, ESA has developed an effective problem solving process to determine the right coating for your job.



The right solution is not just finding the proper the coating but also finding the right substrate to put that coating



For some applications, you need a liner that stuff won't stick to. ESA has a wide variety of options to fit your needs.