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Many substrate options to choose from


The right solution is not just finding the proper the coating but also finding the right substrate to put that coating on. 

We ask a lot of questions so we can narrow down which substrates will have the best chance to work in your process.  Questions that will help us learn about your process and the conditions that the liner will face such as temperature ranges, pressures and chemical exposures

There are a lot of plastic films that are used in release liner applications.  Actually too many to list (that's not completely true but the list is really boring to read), but in broad categories, polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester films can be coated with a variety of release coatings to solve many release liner requirements. Films can range in thickness from 0.5 mil to 14 mil thick.

There are also a number of paper substrates that that can  be coated to make release liners that are extremely versatile and are used in far ranging applications.  Paper liners can range from 2 mil to over 15 mil in thickness.  Papers can be supercalendered grades, glassines and clay coated as well as board stocks.

Polycoating  the paper adds even more versatility to the liner by giving the paper liner stay-flat and water resistant capabilities. 

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