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Our Process

Problem-solving means that we need to first figure out what your requirement really is.  Learning about your particular process is vital to finding the right solution.  Seems obvious, but it can be harder than it seems. 

But we should warn you, our problem solving process means we will be asking you a lot of questions so we can learn about your unique processing challenges.


Our experience gives us the knowledge to ask the right questions so we can develop a good picture of what challenges need to be met in an application. This part can take some time.  We ask a lot of questions because we've learned that questions not asked can have painful consequences.

Even with asking so many brilliant and probing questions, we seldom have the perfect solution without having to do some testing and trialing.  We can do some of this work in the lab, but to make sure a material works in your unique process, we will need to try it in your unique process.

This approach works for release liners, masking products and more.  Hard to solve a problem you don't understand.

Solutions can push us outside of our comfort zone, but we are willing to figure out how to challenge our process as well in order to find the right solution for you.

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Examples of email subject lines you might receive from us

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