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Surface Defender Masking

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There are lots of reasons to defend surfaces, and there are a lot of different masking options to do the job.  Masking is not something people like to give a lot of thought to until they have a problem, but it does take at least a little thought to get it right.


We have many different adhesive options for temporary masking films or papers, and we also have a lot of different substrates to put these adhesives on.  The combinations are not limitless, but they are numerous. 


Sending us samples of the materials you need protected and the conditions you need it protected from will allow us to narrow down the options dramatically.

If samples are not possible, we will be asking you lots of questions to learn more about the environment the masking needs to work within.


To achieve the best results, masking adhesives should be tailored to fit your particular application so we would want to know how the masking would be applied, how long it stays and how it gets removed.  We would want to know about environmental conditions like exposure to sunlight, solvents, abrasives and so forth.  The more complete the picture, the better we will be at coming up with the solution for your problem.

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