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Release liners and polycoated papers can be slit as narrow as  under ½".  Lengths can be as short as 100’ or as large as 24” O.D.

Some special liners can be supplied in roll widths that are much larger than our traditional maximum width of 62" so if you need very wide rolls, that is a conversation that we can have.

Sheets ranging from as small as 5” x 5” up to 48” x 48” can be cut, and many sizes may be supplied with a center hole if desired.

Narrow Slitting pix-3.jpg

We can slit coated paper like this too

Specialty Converting

Perforated film graphic B-4.jpg

There are a lot of capabilities that fall under this heading, so rather than describe them all, let's touch on a couple and we can talk about specifics for your process.

Perforating across the web of material can allow you to tear off the size sheet you need.  This is often more cost-effective than sheeting, and is very useful for films.  This is especially true with masking films since sheeting is not really an option.  We can set that perforating interval from under 3"  to whatever you need. 

We can also perforate the roll in the direction of the web so you can have channels in the material.  Some have called this skip-slitting.

There is more that we can do (such as laminating) so let us know what it is you need for the perfect liner to work well in your process.

A nice graphic that show perforating across the web.

Think toilet paper

Zone Coating

With our Surface Defender masking products, we can often zone coat the adhesive to give you the adhesive were you want it but not were you don't. 


This is also used to decrease the amount of tack you may get with an adhesive if that is what a particular situation may call for.

Clear Zone Coated 2 pix-5.jpg

Zone coating isn't very pretty but it can be useful

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