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Silicone Splicing Tapes


We think tapes can be pretty

Silicone splicing tapes are especially made to stick to release liners and we have many options to help solve your processing challenge.

Common splicing tapes have a polyester backing and an aggressive silicone adhesive. We also have options with a heavier version of the adhesive, which costs a little more but grabs onto liners faster and solves many problems. These typically come in 24-roll cases of 2”x72yd rolls.

Double-sided splicing tapes are good for flying splices and ours has a polyester liner that will need to be removed to expose the second side of adhesive. Functional splicing tapes don’t need liners but do have a release coating on the backing. This tape is thinner than competitive tapes and is commonly used in casting operations.

We have other options available as well, like tapes suited for high temperatures. Feel free to send us an email or give us a call to discuss splicing tape options. We all need a good splicing tape conversation from time to time.

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