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EnduraLease™ Liners

There are times you may find that you need something for your process other than traditional release papers and films. This is where our EnduraLease release liner options can come in.

EnduraLease liners are very thick and very tough.  They are not things of beauty unless you find liners that solve problems beautiful, and we certainly do.

These liners can go where other release papers simply cannot.  They range from 9 mil to 15 mil thick.  They can be single-side or double-side coated

We’ve developed these liners to solve difficult challenges for our customers:  perhaps you need a liner that can handle a process that has immense pressures or you have an application that requires the liner to allow air to pass through it.

Customers have taken these liners to temperatures over 450°F as well as applications that are below 0°F.  These liners have enormous tensile strength and puncture resistance.

If you find yourself intrigued and wish to sample some EnduraLease, give us a call.  Once we know more about your application, we can determine which of the EnduraLease liners might be a good fit for you.

EnduraLease liner palletized-9.jpg

Some EnduraLease liners shipping out to help make the world a better place

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