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About Us

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Release liner visits ancestral home

ESA was started in 1986 by Elliott Schultz.  Elliott started carrying release liners after decades spent in the labeling industry.  Labelstocks gave Elliott a lot of familiarity with the release liners used in the label and sign industries.  


In 1998, Elliott's son Marty joined the company when he wanted a change from working in the packaging industry.  Marty is still trying to win the prestigious Employee of the Month award but Elliott continues his domination of this award.  His streak of 344 straight wins (and counting) may never be equaled. 


ESA now is involved with release coated papers and films as well as casting coated papers and films along with a variety of specialty adhesives and tapes.


We view ourselves as material solution providers.  Our families mostly view us as embarrassing.  Give us a call and you can decide for yourself who is correct.

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